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To the Men…

I was sitting on the couch the other day, watching TV, and Amy finds this “interesting” article on Facebook about a football player and his speech to the graduating class at some college. I admit, I was less than interested. She goes on to read a long section of the speech to me – I pretty much ignored her – not that I don’t listen to her (she may argue the point) but because of my disdain for most things on Facebook. But, as I was contemplating what to write about for the June Graceline, I thought I would see what all the fuss was about.

I have to say I was impressed. Not that I agree with 100% of everything Harrison Butker, placekicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, said to the graduating class at Benedictine College (he is authentically and unapologetically a traditional Roman Catholic), but because I applaud his courage for speaking out publicly about the things going on in this world. And he tackled it all from a Christian point of view – COVID, pro-choice, gender ideology, congress, politicians, church leaders including his own, traditional family values and roles, gay pride parades, birth control, and traditional Worship to include picking your place to live based on the churches nearby, not on job or salary. He also spoke about the role of men in our culture today.

He writes in his speech, “To the gentlemen here today: Part of what plagues our society is this lie that has been told to you that men are not necessary in the home or in our communities (and, I would add, in our church). As men, we set the tone of the culture, and when that is absent, disorder, dysfunction, and chaos set in. This absence of men in the home is what plays a large role in the violence we see all around the nation. Other countries do not have nearly the same absentee father rates as we find here in the U.S., and a correlation could be made in their drastically lower violence rates, as well.”

He goes on to say, “Be unapologetic in your masculinity, fighting against the cultural emasculation of men. Do hard things. Never settle for what is easy. You might have a talent that you don’t necessarily enjoy, but if it glorifies God, maybe you should lean into that over something that you might think suits you better. I speak from experience as an introvert who now finds myself as an amateur public speaker and an entrepreneur, something I never thought I’d be when I received my industrial engineering degree.”

With June 16th being Father’s Day, I think Harrison Butker’s comments and advice are appropriate, especially to the young men that are graduating from college and going out into the world to start their own families and careers. Mr. Butker was being a father-figure to them by example, both in word and deed. Being a man is not a spectator sport – whether it be in your family, church or society. We can use more God-fearing men like Mr. Butker in the world.

I am very pleased that the Holy Spirit has been working here at Grace to bring more men to the role of Elder – praise be to God! We are only one short of having a full board of twelve. And the Board of Directors has only one open position – again praise be to God. Thank you to all, both men and women, who are serving our Lord with your time and talents. But this month, especially on Father’s Day, let it be reminder to all men of our role as fathers, husbands and church leaders.

We have a Heavenly Father who blesses us and equips us for His service, to include these roles. And our world is severely limited in examples of what a Godly man looks like. We may not all be Harrison Butker, but we all have an opportunity to be an example in word and deed to those around us, especially our young men. We are necessary in the home, in our communities, and in our church. Celebrate this role God has given us; use it in His service. And to God be the Glory! Amen!

Happy Father’s Day!

Pastor Al

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