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Military Online Colleges

For Our Members of the Military Online Colleges are a Great Option

Military Online Colleges: Overview

Going back to school and earning a degree can be a serious challenge for most of the members of our Armed Forces. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines are moved around on a regular basis, whether that movement is a deployment, a permanent change of Military Online Collegesstation, or a temporary duty assignment. Carnevale (2007) stated that, “Even troops who aren't in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan may be sent overseas or from base to base throughout their careers, making it difficult for them to take traditional courses” (p. A31). One would think that this would put a serious roadblock in the way of any plans that one of our nation’s finest has in terms of earning a degree.

Military online colleges have come to the rescue. The colleges mentioned here are not directly affiliated with the military, but they are extremely focused on providing convenience to our military personnel. Many of these schools have departments filled with administrators specifically for catering to the needs of military students. They understand the plight of the military student and are prepared to formulate a path towards graduation for each of these students that enroll.

Considering the lifestyle that our troops are required to lead, military online colleges offer the only realistic option in terms of earning a degree. Kerr (2009) stated that online education has “grown because it allows the college to open its doors to students all over the world -- from Lebanon to the Dominican Republic -- as well as active-duty military personnel.” This is precisely why military online colleges are the only true option for an active duty member of our Armed Forces. The “anytime, anywhere” convenience of an online program makes this a perfect match for people constantly on the move.

Military Online Colleges: Section Description

Throughout the military online colleges section, you will notice opportunities to request information from these schools. It is highly recommended that you request information from a number of military online colleges so that you may compare the schools and the programs that they offer, which will help you find the best fit for your needs. It is our pledge to you through our privacy policy that your information will remain confidential and not used for any other purpose.

Military Online Colleges: References

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