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Military Friendly Schools


Many institutions have developed into, what has become a popular term, “military friendly schools.” These military friendly schools understand the needs of service members, whether they are still on active duty, serve in the National Guard or as a reservist, or are veterans of our armed forces. Carnevale (2006) stated that, “More and more colleges are courting military students to help fill their online enrollments, as the military increasingly touts its educational benefits, including paying full tuition, and works closely with colleges to help service personnel complete their education” (p. A31). Several colleges either have already presented or are in the process of presenting incentives specifically for military members. In fact, some military friendly schools have staff members that are dedicated to working directly with members and veterans of our Armed Forces. Other military friendly schools have even developed departments for this purpose.

Going back to school is not only a difficult decision for active duty service members and veterans because of the personal sacrifices that need to be made, but it can be a challenging in other ways as well. Lum (2009) pointed out that “Educators say the academic challenges are perhaps the toughest, most daunting hurdle for veterans. Most have not been full-time students since high school” (p. 9). Military friendly schools understand the needs of our member of the Armed forces and veterans. Easing them back into the education fold is the focus of military friendly schools.

Military Friendly Schools: Section Description

This section lists several military friendly schools that cater to the needs of our active duty service members, National Guard service members, reservists, and veterans. Be sure to not only read the benefits and programs that each one of these military friendly schools provide, but also be sure to request more information directly from these institutions in order to determine the one that provides the most beneficial program for you. We are confident that you will find the college and degree amongst these military friendly schools that best suits your needs.

Military Friendly Schools: References

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