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Congress Fixes the GI Bill in Time for Fall Semester

July 27, 2011

With fall semester rapidly approaching, Congress passed the revisions necessary to ensure that the Gi Bill will continue to provide our servicemembers with the benefits that they have earned through their dedicated service. This version of the bill is known as the "GI Bill Fairness Act." Without these measures, our military members and veterans may have been subject to an unacceptable reduction in tuition payments.

When put to a vote in the House of Representatives, the measure passed by a vote of 424-0. These changes are effective as of 01AUG11 and lifts the cap of a maximum yearly tuition of $17,500 for those military students attending either a private college or an out-of-state private college. Many students have been attending schools with tuition rates that have spiked over that amount. The bill that was in effect when these students started attending college would cover their tuition, period.

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